Sidecar for Barnes the Elephant Heirloom


When my Grandmother was young she rode in the sidecar of my grandfathers motorbike, so it only seems fitting to make a 'Sidecar' cocktail.


To make the drink you are going to need:

  • 75ml of Cognac. ( I use Remy Martin 1738  Accord Royal for this drink)
  • 25ml Cointreau. ( If you don’t have Cointreau any other form of Triple Sec will work just fine)
  • 25ml Lemon juice. (Freshly squeezed)
  • 1 dash angostura bitters.


Place all ingredients into your shaker and shake for around 20 to 30 seconds; this will improve the mouth feel and give you a nice slightly foamy head on the drink. Once shaken double strain into your martini glass through a small sieve or tea strainer; this will ensure that no ice gets into the glass. Finally, garnish with an orange peel; I think this really brings out the sweetness in the cognac.  Alternatively, you can garnish with lemon peel or a Maraschino cherry.

Finally enjoy!