Whilst we don't claim to be perfect, we do make every effort to be ethically and sustainably responsible.  Keep reading if you want to learn how we approach this very important subject.


  • The majority of our products are lovingly designed and handcrafted by us from our home Studio in Hampshire.  This means your orders will take a little longer to process as we only wish to make what is needed, this ensures that the process is as sustainable as possible with no wasted stock.
  • Those that are not hand made by us are made by ethically run manufacturers in the UK supporting fair treatment and fair pay. 
  • Our methods ensure that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. 
  • All offcuts and faulty fabrics are kept and upcycled into different items such as packaging, trims, or other smaller products meaning as little as possible goes to waste.


  • All our designs are digitally printed here in the UK. 
  • Printing digitally uses half the ink of screen-printing methods and results in far less waste being discharged into the drains. There is no washing of screens or changing colours, so water consumption is reduced by approximately half.
  • The inks used are certificated as Azo dye free, OEKO-TEX certified and are to European REACH standards.
  • We only ever print sufficient fabric to fulfil our orders.


  • Recyclable boxes and acid free tissue.
  • Our cotton pouch bags are designed to store your items keeping them clean and safe.

We recognise that the fashion industry is not entirely compatible with sustainability, but our brand does promote the slow fashion movement.  We believe that items purchased should be considered investments of high quality and low impact that you can enjoy for years to come.

We continuously strive to explore ways in which we can make our brand even more sustainable.