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History of the pocket square

The purpose of the pocket square is simple, it allows you to express your personality by turning the most conservative jacket and trouser outfit into an elaborate, eye catching look, There is literally a pocket designed for your pocket square to go in! This sartorial accessory is steeped in history but where did it come from? 

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From Queen Nefertiti to Audrey Hepburn, the scarf has adorned some of the most influential people in the world, is it possibly one of the most timeless accessories?

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our designs are completly

Hand Drawn

James meticulously hand draws each design to scale with an intense level of detail and beauty . This process from inspiration to the finished design often takes up to 3 months and great care is spent ensuring that every product created is a unique piece of wearable artwork. 

sustainably made using

UK manufacturers

All of our products are printed and finished in the UK. Our silk headbands are made by a manufacturer that is dedicated to reigniting fashion manufacturing in a town that before 1998 produced all the clothing for Jaegar. Their vision is to create jobs and provide work opportunities for the local community. All profits from manufacturing are then reinvested into the provision of training and education programmes further boosting the employability and skills within the local community.

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