Dalliance and Noble create luxurious, digitally printed silk accessories for both men and women. Karen and James a mother and son team, launched their brand online in August 2017. Since then they have exhibited at a number of events including Scoop International and have secured 6 Boutiques in the UK.

Award winning British designer, James Skinner, is the artist behind the brand. James’ career started in 2014 when he was selected by Texselect as one of the 24 best graduating textile designers in Britain. He has worked in Italy and London creating designs for companies such as Kenzo, Valentino and Etro. He has also undertaken a number of collaborations for both interior design and fashion, the most recent being a bespoke scarf for a London based perfume company whose brief was to design a scarf and bottle graphics to match a newly created perfume.

 James designs his scarves the traditional way by meticulously hand drawing the illustrative artwork onto a singular sheet of paper. Each design has an intense level of detail and beauty with a narrative representing historical events, people, objects and places often within British culture. This process from inspiration to the finished design often takes up to 3 months and great care is spent on ensuring that every product created is a modern piece of wearable artwork. Dalliance & Noble believe in quality not quantity, they do not follow fashion trends but instead focus on creating timeless pieces that can be cherished forever.


Current Collection

In their latest collection Dalliance & Noble created wonderfully illustrated scarves, twillys and pocket squares inspired by the idea of modernising ancient cartographic maps seen framed on the walls of British museums, members clubs and mansions.

James created large celestial scenes where the night sky is mapped in the form of zodiacs, their mythological creatures and constellations. You will also find maps of the earth cradled in a jungle of flora and fauna. The designs are truly unique and full of hidden details. Unlike many scarves, there are no pattern repeats which means the design changes subject to how you choose to wear it.



Dalliance & Noble care about the planet and the people who manufacture their product which is why they have all their products printed and finished here in the UK, which is governed by the EU labour and human rights laws as well as EU environmental legislation ensuring that the highest ethical and environmentally sustainable methods are used.

A great deal of research has gone into both the quality and weight of the silk along with the printing process resulting in a luxurious product with a colour transference that allows you to see the print clearly on both sides. All Pocket squares and small scarves have been beautifully hand rolled by a singular artisan with the larger scarves finished with a very fine pin hem.

Each scarf is then folded and wrapped in chlorine free, non-acidic tissue paper and placed within a branded gift box along with a hand drawn ‘Thank You’ card.




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