Cartography Collection

The Story Of Cartography


The definition of Cartography is the ‘science or practice of drawing maps’. Cartographers throughout history had the task of combining science, aesthetics, religion, country and art forms into wonderous maps that offered an exciting and alien view of the world from above.

Due to the modern advances in technology, the art of Cartography is now redundant.  Nonetheless, it still remains as a beautiful art form and time capsule of human exploration and understanding of the world and its skies throughout our history. It’s this beauty and history that we wish to Convey and celebrate in the Dalliance & Noble 'Cartography Scarf Collection'. 

When designing the collection James became increasingly inspired by the Dutch Cartographer, Andreas Cellarius who published Harmonia Macrocosmica, now widely regarded as one of the most spectacular atlases of the 17th Century.  Andreas was an incredible craftsman who had the ability to convey not just a space but also a story within each map.  Through colour and imagery James conveys the idea of a story in each of the scarves for the collection.

True to the style in which ancient cartographers drew their maps James also hand drew each design. Each scarf started as a singular sheet of paper the exact same size as the final product. on each sheet james would hand draw the whole design firstly in pencil and then in pen, this would mean each scarf drawing took a month and sometimes more to from start to finish.

The Designs 



'Hemisphaerium' takes inspiration from Andreas Cellarius’s hand drawn celestial maps and mathematical drawings. The centre piece is a study of the night sky along the Southern Hemisphere, mapping the stars and their star signs. This is framed by drawings of the rotation of our solar system, a compass, sextant and astrolabe, all of which are tools that are used when mapping stars. Hemisphaerium's punchy colours and decorative details will perfectly finish off any outfit.



'Terrarum' is a homage to Cartography of the 16th and 17th century. This was a period when Cartography flourished as modern Europe began to develop and move out of dark ages, the Ottoman Empire grew and Japan began its Edo Period. Cartography became heavily influenced by scientific innovation, aesthetics, religion, art and politics, this was reflected directly back into the maps giving them mythical story like qualities. The Terrarium scarf depicts a version of the Eastern Hemisphere framed by a jungle habitat of flora and fauna. This scarves vivid colours along with beautiful birds and flowers will make a great addition to any pattern lovers wardrobe.




In Harmonia Macrocosmica, Andreas Cellaruis focused heavily on creating beautiful wonderous mathematical drawings of our solar system. In these images the earth is always at the centre with the planets of our solar system rotating around the earth as was opinion at that time. 'Planetarium' is a re-creation of a solar system map using modern knowledge of our solar system, its planets and even their moons; look carefully and you will spot a dwarf planet that you may never have heard of. This scarf will look great tied around your neck, tucked into your jacket pocket or tied to the strap of your bag.



Terra Firma 


'Terra Firma' is a study of our planet, on one side is the Eastern Hemisphere and on the other the Western. These segments of the globe are entangled in a jungle of flora and fauna which hide imagery of ornate objects such as a sun dial, an ornamental globe and a magnifying glass studying the brilliantly coloured flora. This colourful, eye catching Twilly is easy to wear and the perfect accessory for any summer outfit.


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