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The Baroque Mask Chain


Welcome all to our latest addition, the 'Multipurpose Chain' which can be used on your masks, your glasses or even as a necklace. Each chain is hand made to order with fresh water baroque pearls, semi precious onyx beads, gold plated beads and clasps.

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Why you need a mask chain

  • It's super stylish and makes a statement
  • Allows easy access to your mask at all times 
  • No more putting your mask in your pocket where bacteria, skin particles and dirt build
  • Helps mask air and moisture evaporate from the surface
  • Ensures minimal touching
  • No accidentally dropping your mask on the floor or putting it down and losing it


  • 85cm long
  • Comes with a set of rubber loops for glasses 
  • Has 2 carabiner clasps for mask attachment
  • Can be worn as a mask chain, glasses chain or necklace
  • Semi precious onyx beads, fresh water baroque pearls and gold plated beads
  • Hand made by us here in the UK

To keep your chain looking its best, please do not submerse in water, spray it with perfume or other chemical products as it may loose its lustre.  Please also avoid excessive impact against hard surfaces.  

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