Dalliance & Noble

Dancing Jellyfish Turquoise Looped Headband


Our limited edition Silk Headbands are the perfect accessory for your spring/summer look, they feature a loop detail at the front and are elastic backed ensuring they will fit any head shape or hairstyle. We have done extensive wearer testing and can vouch that unlike other headbands ours will not give you a headache. 

Made from silk samples, off cuts and Faulty scarves these headbands are helping us ensure that we lower our waste as a brand while supplying you with a fabulous accessory. 

This headband is called The Dancing Jellyfish, it was inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s documentation of thousands of new species of sea life during his time on the HMS Challenger expedition. colourful tendrils from the jellyfish adorn the headband. 


  • Looped knot detail
  • Elastic detail
  • 100% silk
  • Made in the UK
  • Pattern placemnet on silk products will vary slightly



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