Wise Old Parrot

The inspiration behind the Wise Old Parrot pocket square was found in the strange and wonderful rooms of the Horniman Museum, where I discovered the surreal and intriguing collection of objects, specimens and artefacts collected from countries and communities around the world. Thousands of tiny birds to forgotten instruments of now lost communities can be found in this museum all thanks to one avid collector who’s overarching life goal was to educate his community.  

During the mid 1800’s Sir Frederick John Horniman owned and managed the Horniman Tea Company and spent his days traveling the world collecting and distributing tea. It was during this period of his life that he became fascinated with collecting cultural objects and animals from these different countries which he would show to family and friends, educating them about the countries he had visited. After years of collecting, his horde became so vast that the Horniman family had to move out of their home; this was the birth of the first Horniman Museum of antiquities. Still today, the Museum is educating and inspiring young and old and I would like to believe that Mr Horniman is watching with a smile on his face possibly in the body of the Wise Old Parrot he acquired during his travels.