New Twilly called Tropical Iridescence

New Design 

We have a new Twilly and if you are not one of the lucky few who grabbed one while they were exclusively available at The Luxury Designers pop up, then not to worry because very soon this new design will be launching on the website. 

The design was created in response to popular demand for Twillys thanks to the success of the Terra Firma design. with this new product we wanted to work with  earthy elegant tones that reflect a more traditional British colour palette. We hope you like the finished product as much as we do. 

The new design is called tropical Iridescence, its inspired by the beautiful shape and scale pattern on snakes. The Twilly features two intertwined snakes weaving through a jungle of flora. I became inspired by the idea of doing a snake design while looking through one of my favourite inspiration books called Biophilia, the book features beautifully taxidermized and preserved animals curated into artworks by the artist Christopher Marley, you can read all about his work on the blog

Taxidermy has become a macabre source of inspiration to me in recent years. I enjoy being able to study unique and amazing animals that have been frozen in time and held in a perfect pose. To me Taxidermy is an art form that allows you to study and examine the beauty of the natural world both artistically and scientifically. However it is also a sad practice that for years involved killing often rare and endangered species, to supply consumers with a voracious appetite for collecting antiquities from far flung lands. This is an aspect of Taxidermy that should not be forgot or condoned, the study and Taxidermisation of animals should only be practised by professionals for scientific purposes.