4160 Tuesdays - Edens Garden, a perfume inspired scarf

 A scent-based collaboration with London based perfume company 4160 Tuesdays. The brief was to create a scarf that represented the Ingredients and allure of a brand new perfume that we created together. Eden’s Garden features a wild habitat where butterflies, birds and bees nestle amongst intertwined flowers, fruits and the fronds of botanicals that feature in the perfume. It is framed by ornate vintage perfume bottles and living floral filigree alongside molecular structures of 4 key perfume Ingredients.

 Scarf and perfume sample available here: 

Blue: https://www.dallianceandnoble.com/collections/scarves/products/edens-garden-blue-scarf

Pink: https://www.dallianceandnoble.com/collections/scarves/products/edens-garden-pink-scarf

Print: https://www.dallianceandnoble.com/collections/art-prints/products/edens-garden-limited-edition-print