Liberty Open Call 2018

Its time for my entry to this year’s Liberty Open Call. The brief was to create a print design that could become part of the iconic Liberty’s fabric range, if you win the completion your design becomes just that.

Feathered Soiree depicts a midnight gathering amongst the forest wildlife, it is a design I have specifically created for Liberty Open Call and is inspired by my daydreaming. Outside my studio windows are 3 oak trees and everyday I find myself watching the wildlife city that dwells within them. The occupants of this city are birds of all shapes and sizes, watching them is fascinating. Small birds acrobatically chase each other, darting in between the branches, popping out of the canopy then diving back in, while larger birds can be found perched in the trees watching or on food missions flying back and forth between nests. During the summer months the trees also harbour butterflies and large dragonflies, tourists to this city of birds. This hive of activity is also accompanied by its very own symphony of bird sounds which is ever changing throughout the season.

Daydreaming and watching this habitat has helped me relax and find solutions to the many trying situations that occur from running a business.

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Design is copyright Dalliance & Noble 2018


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